Self Portraits - Christopher Germano


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Day 66: Long ago in days of yore, It all began with a god named Thor...

I love music. It's gotten me through some hard times, it's lifted my spirits, inspired me, and has brought me to tears. Life without music would be unimaginable.
Every once in awhile I get stuck on a song and play it ad nauseam to the discontent of the entire family who was sick of it after the third time they heard it. The last day and an half has been one of those days.
I've been listening Ikea by Jonathan Coulton non stop (the headline of this post is the first line of the song). It's it a catchy pop song - nothing that will win a Grammy. But for whatever reason, I like it, seems to fill a need at the moment, and despite listening to it for the 500th time as I type this I still don't know the all the words.

Do you have a favorite song that you would play on repeat for days on end?

BTW if you want to check out the video for IKEA you can check it out here