Self Portraits - Christopher Germano


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Day 153: Tears of a clown

News and events over the last few weeks, especially local events here in Portland, have taken their toll on me emotionally. The senseless stabbings of three people on a commuter train last week (two of which died) because they stood up for what's right, against hate, left me, and scores of others in shock. I can't even imagine what these families are going through. Despite everyone saying they are heroes for what they did (and they are), it doesn't change the fact that their families were robbed of the chance to say goodbye and to create future memories with their sons, husbands, or fathers.

I hope things start to change for the better soon, and that the loss of these men's lives was not in vain.

All the makeup and the tear were all done in Photoshop. Had I actually done my own makeup, I'm sure it would have come out looking just as bad if not worse. :)